How long will latex balloons stay in the air?

This depends on the volume & quality of the balloon and the air temperate. As a guide the average is 8 – 12 hrs at normal room temperature for a 28cm latex balloon filled 28cm from top to bottom. Latex Balloons can also be sealed with a product called Ultra Hi-Float that can make them last at least a further 3-4 days if handled correctly. We sell this product for $27.00 in a dispenser & will do approximately 100 28cm balloons. See "Balloon Accessories"

Steps to Inflating Helium Balloons

  1. Place balloon over the end of the nozzle and hold securely

  2. Tilt nozzle in a forward direction for gas to flow

  3. Release nozzle when balloon reaches 28cm from neck to top

  4. Tie a knot at the neck or attach a balloon clip.

  5. If using a balloon clip, give the neck a short twist between thumb & forefinger, stretch the neck, then insert into the first slot then into the second slot and continue around at least three times.

  6. Balloon is ready

Is Balloon Gas Safe?

  • Helium is non-toxic and non-flammable

  • It should not be inhaled and can be dangerous

Cylinder Safety

  • Keep cylinders upright and protect the valves from physical damage.

  • Secure cylinders when standing

  • If valve is damaged, do not attempt to operate

  • If valve does not operate by hand, return the cylinder to the supplier

  • Use eye protection when inflating balloons as a popping balloon may cause eye damage. 

Helium Cylinder Hire

  • C Size fills approx. 50 x 28cm balloons

  • D Size fills approx. 100 x 28cm balloons

  • E Size fills approx. 300 x 28cm balloons